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    what nepenthes is this?

    Here's one from wikipedia (link). IIRC i had uploaded several photos of some nice ones at the UConn greenhouse on the NECPS server but they don't appear to be there anymore. I'm reviving my own server, but it's not there yet or i'd post the one i snapped at a local nursery a couple months ago...
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    what nepenthes is this?

    My psychic powers are telling me it's an N. x ventrata. If you got it at a garden center in a hanging basket, there's about a 90% chance that's what it is. Robust and not too ugly for a nepenthes. :)
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    Give Away D. capensis 'wide' AND D. tokaiensis AND Manilkara zapota Seeds

    Bit OT but if you run out of the sapodilla (Manilkara zapota) seeds i can send seeds of those or mamey (Pouteria sapota) to anyone with a SASE. The trees are everywhere here. Note that the trees from seeds won't produce the most desirable fruit (if they ever get big enough).
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    N. ampullaria Appreciation Thread!

    Got pretty low in the winter with central radiant heating. The pitchers didn't last as long because of that but they are pretty sturdy and last a lot longer than many other species in similar conditions, once acclimatized.
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    Isn't a sabbatical 7 years?

    That's why i'm researching automated watering systems. Technology has come a long way and i'm not going to leave plants dependent on a single human other than myself again. So far i plan on a simple capillary action setup (cheap ones online) and a timed automated pump for redundancy. Good thing...
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    N. ampullaria Appreciation Thread!

    Nice, Red Lowii! That is some amp pitcher coloration worthy of the necro. Here was my CR9 clone before it met a tragic end I had it growing on my windowsill in Boston. It looks like Melson hasn't posted since he dropped that bomb. Does anyone know the names of any of those forms? I've...
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    Isn't a sabbatical 7 years?

    Greetings to any PFT old-timers still around! It's been almost 7 years since i last had a carnivorous plant, and longer than that since i logged in to terraforums. But... i just ordered a few old favorites and a couple potential new friends off Ebay and am finding myself really excited about it...
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    Orlando CP seeing

    Hi fellow CP fans I am going to be in Orlando for a conference this coming week and was wondering if there are any good sites for CPs in the vicinity. I know it's generally discouraged to advertise CP sites due to poaching, so to anyone concerned about my intentions i would refer them to my...
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    Miami area collections

    Hi Terraforum folks. I have been busy with many things and haven't logged in here in over a year. I am taking a trip to visit some friends in the Miami area this week and would love to see some of the nice collections i know you Florida growers have. If anyone would be willing to let me take a...
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    Co2 injection

    Good point. Okay, anyone willing to sponsor me as their daytime professional CO2 generator?
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    Co2 injection

    I tried CO2 injection into my planted tank for awhile, but didn't see a big change.  Might have been too much turbulence in the water, or that i wasn't fertilizing properly. The horror stories about DIY CO2 generators gone wild started to get to me after i smelled the remnants of the process...
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    Terrarium ventilation setup

    I had a highland terrarium set up with a similar design a while back, except that i didn't want to have to deal with a separate humidifier.  I bought a dryer lint trap kit, which consists of a reservoir of water with an attachment for a dryer vent hose on top.  I put an AC muffin fan (ie PC fan)...
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    New nepenthes wilting

    I have two raffs, and one grew too big for the terrarium.  I took it out, and it wilted as you're describing, because the leaves were used to very high humidity and had no protection against drying out.  However, it recovered (slowly) and has acclimated to the windowsill, where it survives and...
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    112 different cps for trade

    I'd love to see that. I'm also curious about how he cools his highland greenhouse. Perhaps in Colorado it's not really an issue.
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    Necps show

    Durn it, i knew i was going to miss something cool on Sunday! The macrophylla is looking great, Dave. I think i keep forgetting about it because of that monster singalana you have that steals the show.