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    Labeled Akai Ryu because of the tape found on the side of the pot. It was originally a plant of a friend who wants me to take care of it. Really does not look like an Akai Ryu said by some people and its possible that its a Red Dentate, Sawtooth or Bristletooth. Whatdo you think? Sent from my...
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    Second opinion for ID of my Droseras.

    asked also on another forum and they said the same thing. Never knew thay these guy grows so big. Sent from my POCOPHONE F1 using Tapatalk
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    Second opinion for ID of my Droseras.

    I grew these from seeds it was named D. Tokaiensis but do they look like Tokaiensis? Or just regular Spatulatas? Just transferred them to a grow light with warm+red led yesterday. They are alwaya green on my previous grow light. Sent from my POCOPHONE F1 using Tapatalk
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    Trap haira curling inward

    new one and after a few days the cilia is back to normal thanks thought there was spmething wrong with it. Sent from my POCOPHONE F1 using Tapatalk
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    Trap haira curling inward

    These are seed grown VFT been growing them from seeds lately and after inpecting of my my adult plants this is what I saw. I think someyhing is wrong if the traps hairs curls lile these as compared to the other normal traps. What could be the issie and solution to this? My setup indoor grow...
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    Small insects walkin on soil. Hamrful or not?

    Been seeing these small critters walking on top of the soil and when I water the top they all go up. Should I be concerned or just leave them? Planning to repot my vft but some of the seedlings are just too small and afraid that they may get damage during repotting. Sent from my Redmi 4X using...