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    D. ascendens

    Hi all, I haven't been on here in a long time. A while back I had to pack up and move and I have been keeping busy with work, etc... Last week my neighbor's dog got up here and tore up some of my plants. I was kinda p PO'ed but no biggie except one of my plants was D. ascendens. Does anyone...
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    and you think you had a bad day?

    That guy must not like his job very much. Then again he probably doesn't have to worry about it after that. Then again that office doesn't really look like a very good place to work...
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    Looking for Cobra Lily

    I was talking about the one on the left. It looks like a rat terrier.
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    computer help

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    Looking for Cobra Lily

    Is that a rat terrier or jack russell?
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    My N. muluensis x lowii

    Nice. What are your growing conditions? Mine doesn't like me for some reason.
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    homemade bongo idea

    Yeah it's some kind of leather that has been wet and stretched over the body, then allowed to dry, stretching it even more.
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    gator 1- bad guy 0

    I agree 100 percent. Gators only doing what comes naturally. Out here in California we don't have wild gators however we frequently do get mountain lions. We had the big wildfires a few weeks ago and now the mountain lions are coming into the developed areas looking for food since large portions...
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    Calling all reefers!!!!

    Yep! there is always something new to see in the reef tank. I have mostly LPS also. I tried a monti cap once and it bleached out on me. Maybe I'll try again soon since I have a bigger tank and more light now. My fiance likes to watch the tank, she says it relaxes her, which is a good thing. She...
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    Potential New Snake Owner

    Come on down to San Diego. There is a place called "Pet Kingdom" that specializes in reptiles. I just got a ball python from there. They do have western hognose snakes there, baby ones too.
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    San Diego Nep Newb

    My first Gubler nep started out really small. Actually I almost killed it. The crappy soil it was in was causing root rot. I repotted it in LFS/pearlite mix and put it in a bigger pot, now it's waaay bigger and needs a bigger pot soon. You really ought to come by and see my setup (soon though...
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    ball python

    I have been bugging my fiance (who doesn't like snakes) to let me have a snake for the last 2 years or so, I finally got one. Funny as heck too, because we went to one of the local pet stores looking for a T5 lighting setup for my reef tank, and she wanted to see the snakes. We went over by the...
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    San Diego Nep Newb

    Most of the hybrids grow outside. Only the bical and the maxima "barone lowland" grow inside. I have them in one of those grow rack/greenhouse thingys. There are a couple other nep hybrids that grow in the greenhouse thingy that would probably grow better outside, but my nep growing area is too...
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    San Diego Nep Newb

    I live south of the 8 and about 4 blocks west of the 805. Most of my neps grow outside and they love it. I only have a few that grow inside. All my other cp's grow outside as well. MY growlist http://www.terraforums.com/forums/showthread.php?t=96283
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    Calling all reefers!!!!

    I have a reef tank too :)