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    Opinions on Aquarium Chiller

    I did this back in college. Now I sort of want to make one again... chiller is still in the basement so... My advice is to go ahead an buy the biggest one you can afford, because if you skimp and are cheap about it it will be very noisy, run all the time instead of just enough to get your...
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    Rehydrating desiccated Sarracenia

    I have an Apex aquarium controller precisely so things like this don't happen to it and I can keep track of what's going on with it wherever I am. Some horticultural company should really invent a plant controller that lets you turn water pumps on and off. Or at the very least I should DIY some...
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    Rehydrating desiccated Sarracenia

    Due to some circumstances outside of my control and some people's incompetence when taking instruction, I have about $500 in plants that dried out. I just got home and found them. I. am. livid. The person who let them dry out is a personal friend and friendship is always worth more than...
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    Old-timer just saying hi

    Anyone remember me? An old friend messaged me in the hopes that I was me and I surprisingly still get E-mail notifications. The last time I was here I had just graduated HS, and since then I have graduated college with a BS in Biology. I don't really grow CP's anymore, except for a few special...
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    Osama is Dead

    Osama is not dead until Trump sees the death certificate. The LONG form certificate! In seriousness, my immediate reaction was "America! #+^* Yeah!" but I am afraid that this event will strengthen the fanaticism of Al-Qaeda since he will now be viewed as a martyr. I am afraid of the...
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    Anyone know about replacing halogen with LED light?

    All of the e17 led bulbs on eBay are like Christmas lights. I found this bulb but it says e14 and it looks like the voltage is too high (plus it's suspiciously cheap) http://item.mobileweb.ebay.com/viewitem?itemId=130406453553&index=12&nav=SEARCH&nid=13320488527
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    Anyone know about replacing halogen with LED light?

    Yeah, Par 38 is waaaay too big. This is par16 for sure (the diameter of the reflector/housing) but the base is much smaller. The bulb I want to replace says MKH/E17 but I don't really know what that means. It is 100V and 60 watts.
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    Anyone know about replacing halogen with LED light?

    I want to replace a 60 watt halogen with an LED light. The light is par16 so I ordered a par16 LED light and thought it would fit, but the light fits in a regular light socket and is way too big for the halogen socket. I am out 25 bucks now and don't know what bulb I should have gotten. Can...
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    Indians & S.purpurea

    I think folk cures are interesting and I have fun making my own Sassafras to a to rejuvenate and purify the blood (don't know if it works but it tastes great on a hot day) but I think I'll pass of drinking the fluid inside of pitcher plants. I remember there was a Liqueur made of Drosera binata...
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    Aqua Design Amano Wabi-Kusa

    Par16 is the size of the bulb (a little spotlight) and CREE is a company that makes high power LED's. Amphirion, technically it is Do!Aqua but it's just another branch of the same company. Same thing to me lol. It's got half a cup of aquasoil inside, so that ball is full of ammonia ;P No...
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    Aqua Design Amano Wabi-Kusa

    Hey guys, here is my Wabi-Kusa. The vase and light are ADA but I had to make the ball myself. A wabi-kusa is a ball of media wrapped in moss with plants growing on it, sat in a vase of water and they originated in Japan. The light is a Branch Light and is made just for this. It uses a...
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    Bath salt drug epidemic??

    This story reminds me of when I was little, like five or six. I've always had bad allergies and my mom could never make me blow my nose, so I would constantly sniff. Then one day I saw a commercial saying that sniffing kills brain cells. I started crying and my mom asked me what was wrong and I...
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    Bath salt drug epidemic??

    I tried some once. I was exfoliating for three days. Womp-Womp-Woooomp.
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    Discretion Needed

    Haha, I have been reading a little here and there and I think its funny how everyone gets so worked up ; ) There are immature people on this form and every other forum. If you feed their attention seeking behavior then the problem only gets worse, and the next thing you know in twenty years...
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    Talk Me Out Of Sugar Gliders!

    A relative of mine has a couple flying squirrels. She keeps them in a macaw cage at night where they can run around and play. This cage is easily the size of your average closet. The cage had to be modified and grid was welded onto it because without it they could squeeze out. Each squirrel has...