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    A rare treat.. pics from Phil Faulisi's place

    yes some nice looking neps there:-) Bye for now Joules
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    Healthy Roots

    Wow that is an amazing plant,its such a shame i cant provide for it with those temps Bye for now julian
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    Thorelii x Aristolochioides

    Wow That is very nice,beats a ventrata every time Bye for now Julian
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    Pics - Just to share

    Hi Cindy Wow there great,the sunset photos are stunning Bye for now julian
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    I was bored

    Wow That is nice,mine has been a bit slow,it even survived -7 a while ago so im hoping its going to get a move on,i will show it a picture of yours so it gets the idea Bye for now julian
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    Pics from the basement

    Hi Walter Very nice how come you have so many Villosa? Bye for now julian
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    Winter Pitchers

    Hi Trent Great pictures as ever,your collection is very nice Bye for now julian
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    Nepenthes hamata

    Wow That is coming along nicely Bye for now Julian
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    same plants..new pics

    Wow there lovely,always cheers you up when you see some very well grown neps,Thank you Bye for now Julian
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    Big ol' neps

    Hi Caps Great plants as ever Bye for now Julian
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    Nice i havent got one of those looks nice and easy to grow. Bye for now Julian
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    Back from the dead

    Hi Josh Wow there cool,you should start your own wallace and gromit series called mutant battles or something like that bye for now Julian
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    Nepenthes of the Week #1

    Yes never heard of it either Bye for now Julian
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    Nice plants,that ventrata is a monster Bye for now julian
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    Nepenthes in Florida

    Wow I had plants wrecked during the xmas period but not from heat ,my heater tripped off and atleast -5 for the entire night has burned the tips off a lot of my plants,burbidgea is trashed,fusca ,truncata,albomarginata,merrilliana is not looking good,emmerana,spathulata x maxima has had to be...