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    help with venus fly trap sort of confused here

    Your pic isn't clear enough for me to see what is going on. Really, the one green thing in the pic isn't clear enough for me to confirm it is a VFT. The seeds shouldn't be turning white. Assuming they are what they are supposed to be, VFT seeds, might they be growing mold? Edit: sorry, I didn't...
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    Looking For (To Buy) Genlisea and Drosera

    I found what I was looking for. Thank you.
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    Looking For (To Buy) Genlisea and Drosera

    Hi, I am looking for an easy to grow, more or less, Genlisea. I prefer the perennial kind. I really don't have anything worth trading so I'm buying. The Genlisea has priority but if you have an easy to grow Drosera, too, that can handle low humidity then let me know. I might be interested in...
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    Are you feeding your terrestrial ultrics?

    Normally I keep my Utrics in collected rain water but sometimes I get some pond water and use that to resupply the water.
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    My humble pervillei: my very first post

    Are you sure it likes low humidity or does it just tolerate it? I read it likes high humidity and a drier potting mix compared to other Neps.
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    what do you think

    They will probably survive. Not sure how well they will pitcher. They probably will like the warmer daytime temp and the cooler nights. Don't let them dry out. [Edit: I should point out that I'm a noob at growing tropical pitcher plants compared to some other people on these forums.]
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    New to Nepenthes

    I've never had good luck with the little terrarium enclosed Nepenthes from Lowes. Couldn't get them to produce the larger more interesting pitchers. I don't know what the humidity is like at your location/home but it might be better off outside the terrarium. If you're worried about gnat larvae...
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    Early Birthday Giveaway

    D. roseana 1. Plant Heathen 2. Shadowtski - Thank you! 3. PsychoSarah: my birthday is actually Feb 4th! 4. SerMuncherIV 5. Dragonseye -- kewl! 6. Dexenthes - jumping in here 7. chch Happy early birthday! D. pygmaea "green" 1. Shadowtski - Thank you! 2. PsychoSarah My birthday is actually...
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    Drosera sessilifolia seeds

    1. DeadlyCarnivore - Thanks! 2. Grey Moss - Thank you 3. Doomsday - Thank you! 4. adnedarn. Much thanks =) 5. Dendrobater - Merci! 6. PsychoSarah - Yay! Thank you so much! 7. Pearldiver - Thanks! 8. Ertnirp - Thank you for the generosity! 9. emc2 - Thanks! 10. Raistlarn - Thank you 11. Alita -...
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    Where are all the Genlisea?

    My little pot of Genlisea hispidula seems OK with minimal attention. I haven't tried the other species. I'm guessing G. hispidula is the easiest to grow.
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    Unidentified Cactus

    Same as the plant in the following thread What is this thing?
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    Possible mealybugs on mammillaria?

    Looks like the white fuzzy bumps are around the entire base of the plant and appear at regular intervals. They don't look like mealy bugs. A lot of cacti grow fuzz in spots in a pattern, including Mamms. Actually, looks like those fuzzy spots are where the flowers grow from the plant. I'm not...
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    Why is it important to water Dendrochilum from the bottom rather than from overhead?

    I agree with DragonsEye. That's good advice for orchids. Though, my experience with one species has been different. I have a Dendrochilum wenzelii. It seems indifferent about how I water it as long as I give it some water once in a while. I water it from the top down. I keep it in an open gallon...
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    adnedarn's 1/2017 seed giveaway: Sarracenia, Drosera, Drosophyllum, VFT

    [edit: nvm. I posted a reply to a question too slow]
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    Bletilla in Zone 5 and Soil

    The Bletilla survived Winter. I put ~2 inches of bark mulch on top just in case. More than a month ago, as temps warmed up, I uncovered the place I planted the orchid. A few weeks ago I saw a couple leaves coming up.