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    Looking For (To Buy) Looking for Utric and Aldrovanda

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    Looking For (To Buy) ISO...

    I am currently on the search for any Bicalcarata hybrids. If anyone has or knows who has or knows where to get some please let me know! Thank you :) Robert, CF
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    For Sale Got some seedgrown nepenthes for sale!

    Shipping is $8 Priority, Heat Packs (72HR) $4, USA only Nepenthes rafflesiana red x (globosa x ampullaria 'Black Miracle') Small - $18 Medium - $22 Nepenthes rafflesiana x 'green spotted' Small - $18 Medium - $22 Nepenthes glandulifera x (ventricosa x stenophylla) Small - $17 Medium - $20...
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    Hello from Carrollton, Texas!

    Hello, my name's Roberto but you can call me Robert or Rob! I've only been collecting and caring for CPs since March of 2021.. I caught the bug and already have over 100. Majority are nepenthes but have a good amount of other CPs as well. I've been making room for more by selling some on ebay at...