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    Members in Utah, sound off. . .

    Hi all. I had replied to this thread years ago. Turns out I am moving back to Utah after finally finishing my training. I'll be in American Fork. My plants only just settled in here in Rochester, NY and now they'll probably pout when I move them again. Anyway, once the dust settles I'd love to...
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    Jeremiah Harris greenhouse (Colorado) visit/plant exchange

    *bump* Hi all, I thought replying to this thread might be a better way to reach CP growers in Colorado. I'm hosting a meet-up at my house in Aurora, CO to give away plants before a move I'm making to New York. Others can bring plants to exchange as well. We'll meet Saturday, April 14, 2018 at...
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    Give Away Colorado CP Growers Meet-up

    Hi all, I am moving to Rochester, New York and I need to unload some of my plants so there are fewer to hide when showing my house and fewer to move across the country. I also have other plant supplies I can get rid of (peat moss, etc.). Others can feel free to bring plants to trade/sell etc...
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    reintroducing myself... again

    I have stayed with the hobby but been silent on the forum for years. I think I remember your screen name from before. I've actually got a N. Ampullaria Harlequin red vine that's bursting out of my little Ikea terrarium. There are plenty of basals underneath. I've been hoping to find the vine a...
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    Help with in situ sarr site in New Orleans?

    I'm traveling to New Orleans to present research at a meeting June 10-14. I would love to take a half-day break from the meeting to see some sarrs in their native habitat. Does anyone have a favorite spot? Is there a local that could be my ride/guide?
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    Christmas Heli Giveaway

    1. reg 2. carbonetc 3. theplantman --Thank you!! 4. goods-- Thanks!! 5. Salgadoxx8- thanks alot!! 6. Bonnie, Thanks for letting me play 7. monkey_Cup 8. rob 9. STpaMan --ThankYou! 10. Rookie grower 11. Cichvette 12. Cthulhu138 - And a merry x-mas to you Sir ! 13. Pik - Thanks Butch!* 14...
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    Terraforum's Official 2014 Calendar Contest

    Not sure if it's calendar-worthy but here's my contribution: U. warburgii
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    Colorado (and whoever else) trading get together in October

    That may be another reason to push it a little earlier?
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    Colorado (and whoever else) trading get together in October

    It would help me to do it a little earlier. Would 1:00 be okay with everyone? If not I can go earlier (assuming Jeremiah is available) and I can catch others as they arrive?
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    Colorado (and whoever else) trading get together in October

    I just talked to Phil and he said he could drive. I'm still not 100% sure I can come.
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    Seed giveaway

    Wow! Thanks so much. I'll send you my info.
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    Seed giveaway

    I don't know you very well so it's difficult to anticipate what would make you laugh, cry, or question the universe. This video has a good chance of evoking at least one of those responses in any given person. You may see a familiar face if you pay attention.
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    Nepenthes pollen wanted

    Here's a thread from a year ago in which I link to two other threads that discuss this issue in a bit more depth. Hopefully this helps sort things out...at least a little bit.
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    Nepenthes lowii Seed Giveaway . . .

    1. mato - Thanks, senor 2. Heli - "Will work for lowii"! Really cool, thanks 3. That One Guy ~thanks. :-) 4. Exo - Thank ya kindly 5. Favian- gracias! 6. mass -many thanks! 7. Flasker - Thanks! 8. JB_orchidguy thanks for the offer!! 9. Eric- Thanks! 10. divaskid - thanks! 11. vbkid...thanks for...