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2021 NASC Benefit Auction!

Review the rules in the 2021 NASC Benefit Auction forum. Listing and bidding for the NASC auction begins in
2021 NASC auction is LIVE! List items and bid now, thanks for your support!

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  • hello! by any chance do you have some drosera intermedia cuba seeds to sell? please do tell me if they are nice and tiny😂
    Hey if you’re still looking for tropical drosera cuttings I might be able to help you out depending on what you’re looking for. How would $5 per species sound, and I’ll send you 5 cuttings of each species you’re interested in. I have madagascariensis, adelae giant, capensis all red, binata dichotoma, spatulata (tropical), prolifera, latifolia, and probably some others hidden in the back of my propagation trays. Are you in the US?
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