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    why can't sarracenia be grown indoor's year round ?

    Sarrecenia purpurea can be grown without any doubt indoor too. As the requirements are going to be the perfect temperature and the perfect position.
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    Wintering an indoor VFT

    Great information here regarding the growing of vft . As the vft plants require very much care to be taken there. The explanation given here is quite beneficial to the beginners like me and so much helping.
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    indoor lighting questions

    Well regarding the lights so many factors are there. The distance from the plants also matters. which kind of lights are used also matters.Here the intensity of light and the voltage also need to be taken care of.
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    Mass's GH

    Very good setup there. I am eager to know the results of it. which way it is working and which kind of lights being used. This are something the most important factors .
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    How expensive is indoor florescent lighting?

    Nice calculation dear. Here i got some doubt about the charge of the per unit will differe because of the location and the electricity company 's rate per unit. so need to calculated myself an it is around $ 25 per month only.
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    Mass's Indoor Greenhouse

    Very good orchids and flower here. Very much hardwork done here to grow the plants. The pictures here are wonder full and tells the story behind it. Keep sharing such nice information.
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    Indoor-grown specimens?

    Vey good information here regarding the dionaea plants grown entirely indoors with artificial light provided. Here you can see the results which is the difference between an indoor grown and the outdoor grown.
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    What is the best reflective material for indoor terrariums?

    Here i got two different opinion about the reflection and the usage. As aluminum foil would reflect best.But white cardboard will probably look nicer and will be easier to manage. so depends upon your conditions and choice.
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    Some of my indoor CPs

    Nice pictures dj. Good work going on there dude good indoor growing and really giving the results. very nice efforts there by you and keep such a good work going on is quite helping.
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    Indoor Greenhouse Suggestions?

    Nice information there regarding the portable plant house there. You have provide nice and informative information here which inspired me and the beginners like me a lot.
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    My current indoor setup

    Nice indoor setup there.such a kind of setups are most inspiring and helping to the human kind because of its future perspective they are very much useful and are really giving results too.
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    Indoor Greenhouse Suggestions?

    Well both of you got nice greenhouse setup there. This are the setups which are long lasting and can be used in any seasons without any hesitation.One of my friend had also prepared a greenhouse setup himself up til now we were using that setup but now i think to change over someone.
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    Indoor Grown Nepenthes

    Here the pictures of the indoor grown nepenthes plant is quite nice and inspiring us to make such a nice setup which attracts a lot. Keep sharing such a nice information it is going to be very much helpful to us.
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    Indoor Lighting Question

    As per my opinion 4ft Philips 40w T12 Daylight florescent bulbs is perfect. With that 4 4ft 40w bulbs will give enough lighting. You should keep this light on for 15 hours a day will be great.
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    Indoor Growing!

    The indoor growing techniques itself is called as the hydroponics.Here brandon is doing the discussion about his system so that procedure is quite interesting and informative as it explains the whole system here.