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    (PAID) (Soledad Farms $30)Drosera murfetii

    The item will enter the mail-stream tomorrow. 'Should arrive by Thursday.
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    My goodies have all arrived here and they are wonderful!
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    TF Rendezvous in Portland, OR

    Big news! There is to be a get-together of those interested this Saturday, June 12 at Wilshire Park in Portland, Oregon. 'Sorry for such short notice but marks this first meeting since the Covid pandemic was announced. Bring plants to show, trade or give away if you wish but expect a chance to...
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    (PAID) (bluemax $10) Need socks? How about tie dye ones!

    Item received. Thank you!
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    (PAID) (Soledad Farms $30)Drosera murfetii

    Shipping address and payment received. I will ship this weekend.
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    (PAID) (Bdub $65) Drosera squamosa tubers

    The tubers will be shipped when ready in approx. 4 weeks estimated. I checked yesterday and they are still forming as the plants go dormant. I will post when they are being shipped.
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    NASC Tee Shirt Special!

    No worries.
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    NASC Tee Shirt Special!

    Order made. Thank you!
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    NASC Tee Shirt Special!

    Can I still order a tee shirt or is it too late?
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    (PAID) (Soledad Farms $30)Drosera murfetii

    This little guy is about 1 inch across and is healthy and ready to go to a new home. There aren't many of this species to be had out there so here's your chance. Winner pays $9 for shipping and opening bid is $5. Sorry, to my international friends but I can only ship within the US.
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    Hello from north Florida

    :welcome: Welcome to TF!
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    (PAID) (Gadzooks $90) Pinguicula "Max", 1 inch plant

    This is a photo of the mother plant for the ~ 1 inch plant which is up for bid. This plant came to me with the name of ' P. emarginata "Max" '. It is big (about 5 inches across,) vigorous and quite spectacular. I suspect it is a hybrid but until it flowers I have little information to go on...