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    Please help my Argentii (again)

    Bag it up (or put it in some other kind of humid environment) in appropriate temperatures and let it settle in. Higher temperature for a couple of days isn't going to hurt them. My N. lowii has accidentally gotten above 100f a couple of times and didn't even notice it. They're tougher than you'd...
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    Flower sexing

    Looks like we were wrong. This looks female to me. I don't suppose anyone has any pollen available on very short notice?
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    Looking For (trade) Pimpin' out a nepenthes

    My N. (ventricosa xx tiveyi) x truncata is blooming now. Not sure how far along your female flowers are, but I should have pollen ready in a week or two. Never mind, looks like my flowers are female too.
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    Pitcher of the Month June 2022

    Nepenthes (ventricosa xx tiveyi) x truncata The pitchers on this guy keep evolving as it gets larger. This is from the plant's large basal. I've just repotted it, so we'll see if it'll get any bigger. With truncata as the male parent, I can't help but suspect that it might get huge. Maybe not...
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    Flower sexing

    I'm very excited that my N. (ventricosa x x tiveyi) x truncata is finally flowering. It looks male to me, but as this is my first real flower spike (N. x 'Miranda' doesn't count to me), I'd like some outside opinions. I'll find out soon enough, but I'd like to do some breeding deals with it, so...
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    Any hope left in my Argentii?

    I'd say they're dead. But you never know. If there's any life left in the roots then pot them up and try to save them.
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    Bio's photo thread

    Resurrecting this ancient thread because I don't feel like making a new one just for general photographs. Enjoy. N. x 'Peter D'Amato' Amorphophallus konjac Nepenthes truncata - seed grown EP Nepenthes x 'Miranda' upper pitcher