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    Something Was Hacked....

    And here I was going to give you an ear full for not taking me with you!! Thought something was up when the email address didn't match the one I had for ya.
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    How many pings can I grow in this?

    I'll try not to be such a stranger to the forums in the future. :blush:
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    How many pings can I grow in this?

    Hey-ya Jim, Long time no see!
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    How many pings can I grow in this?

    And in a couple months you could cut that clump in half and send that to somebody and in no time at all, everyone will be up to their eyes in P. esseriana. This plant loves to form clumps.
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    How many pings can I grow in this?

    Hi guys (& gals). Been a while since I posted on the forum. But this question has been bothering me for a while. I have a few of these little plastic containers that originally held grapefruit slices. I drilled some holes in them for drainage and want to know if you all can tell me how...
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    Fresh From The Fridge.....

    Nice. Escargo with a side of salad.
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    Google confusion

    Well, as mysteriuosly as it started, it has quit. I went to Google.com and it came up in English No hablo español. Teacher in Jr. Highschool thought I was doing exceptionaly well to learn that much by the end of the year. That and the primary colors and the numbers one through ten. :blush...
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    Google confusion

    I am using Firefox 3.5.3. I have tried switching the language preference back to English but it says my cookies are disabled which they aren't. I tried Google.UK and it worked fine and I didn't get the cookies disabled message. But when I tried going back to Google.com I ended up at...
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    Google confusion

    Last night my wife tried Googling some motels for a trip we're planning Friday. For some reason it came up with the spanish page instead of english. I logged her out and logged myself in and tried it and it was still in spanish. I tried Google.com and I still end up with the España version...
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    NECPS Cookout with Stewart McPherson & Jeremiah Harris

    Yep! You said it. I met Stewart at the CCPS meeting on the 28th, but we didn't do the bog trips. That's the frosting on the cake!
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    T shirt of the day...

    Dang! They're sold out! Atsa goodun :-))
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    I'm going to design a t-shirt, I need some help with something

    Keep it simple. Like "KILLER" with a pic of a N. hamata or whichever of your favorite pitcher plant pics.
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    What is happening to my pings?

    If they are your only plants of those types, try salvaging some leaves for cuttings in the hopes of at least a few of them sprouting plantlets. Use only the healthy leaves that don't have any browning at the base of the leaf. Browning indicates the leaf is already infected and chances of it...
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    Fresh Pictures

    Nice pics! Did you use your camera or borrow one?
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    Not new here, but been a really long time

    I remember you, too. Every time I read your forum name, I'd think of a danged camel...still do! It's been quite a while, but welcome back!