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    Dormancy Temp question

    The temperature around here during the day is about mid 60's and it gets to around 50's or a lil below during the night. My flytraps dont look like they are going into dormancy in these conditions so do I just uproot them and stick them in the fridge in a tuperware? Or should I adjust them to...
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    They get about 10 hours of sunlight in 50/50 peat/perlite and the temps around here are kinda wacky right now.One day it dosnt get below 80 the next day it stays around 60.I think its liking the colder temps though because its more or less winter in FL (except for the odd rainy summer like days)...
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    My D.Aliciae flowered last week and its starting to form the buds...I was wondering if it needed more sunlight or anything new now that its flowering.Wind or cold wont be a problem right? It only gets down to 50's at the most.
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    Ah! aphids!

    well as an update I sprayed my plants....aphids gone in about 2 hours.I havnt seen one since and its been about a week or 2 so yay
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    Ah! aphids!

    Ok just to be sure the stuff I got is correct;its Ortho Orthenex Garden Insect and Disease control.Its contents are 4% Acephate,3.25% Triforine,and 0.75% Fenbutatin-oxide,and 92% other ing. Go ahead and use it?
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    Ah! aphids!

    Thats great that you guys are still discussing which method works best and all but....I wanna get rid of them for good; so would Ortho Miathalon 50 be safe to use on my sundews and VFTs?
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    Ah! aphids!

    Well I did the dunking thing.I probbly didnt do it long enough as there is still signs of aphids.Would Ortho Miathalon 50 work and not kill my sundew? If its not good to use what kind of spray would work?
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    Soil ph

    Well if your plants seem to be perfectly happy with 6 to 6.8 pH than leave them be.No sence in fixing anything thats not broken.
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    Ah! aphids!

    Oh I guess I got a little confused with the cinnamon,oh well.I think Im gonna dunk my plant.My only question is how do you prevent the media from coming up and uprooting the plant?
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    Ah! aphids!

    Well I was checking on my plants yesterday and I noticed my D. Aliciaie had a few yellow colored round things on it and didnt think much of it.I check it today and its covered with them and I notice that they are moving! Ive heard that you can drown them but how do I go about doing this? Ive...
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    Quick question

    Usually mold is caused by high humidity and or not enough circulation.Do you have one of those mini plastic terrariums over it? If so you should remove it as its not necessare and just encourages mold.Be sure to gradually remove it over about a week so you dont shock it from sudden drop in humidity.
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    Young d.adelae plants

    The media looks a bit too big to be perlite,it looks like some kind of stone.In the 3rd pic it does look like theres 2 little pieces of perlite though.Then again I could be wrong.
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    Drosera dormancy

    While on the subject of dormancy,does D.Aliciae or D.Tokaiensis require dormancy?
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    Florida cp growers

    I PMed you
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    Injured vft- twisted new growth

    No I dont have a camera I only repotted it about a week ago I believe it takes around 2-3 weeks or so to get growth back to normal.Ill just monitor it and see if any deformed leaves come up.Or get my hands on a digital camera.