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I have always been interested in insects and other animals, I run a YouTube channel called Bens Beasts.

I have been to many reptile expos and events. The animals I have right now are lots of mealworms, Pacman frog, 2 Hissing roaches, 4 Bess beetles, 3 Strawberry seed beetles, 2 different isopod species, Black field crickets, Black carpenter ant colony, Green June beetles, Diapheromera femorata, and LOTS of plants.

I am also part of Beetleforum under the username BensBeasts1

Anything related to Bugs, frogs, or plants. Animals in general, hiking, canoeing, camping, gaming, Youtuber, and a lot of other things
Apr 28, 2004 (Age: 18)
West Virginia, USA
Youtuber, plant and animal seller, and aspiring entomologist
Real Name
Benjamin Huff