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    p. moranensis and medusina for trade

    hi, i know that this is almost 10 years too late! but would you still have any pinguicula medusina left? thanks!
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    Looking For (To Buy) Utricularia Calycifida Cultivars

    I have some utricularia calycifida asenath waite
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    For Trade Trade pygmy drosera gemmae for ???

    hi, I am defiantly interested in D. Platystigma Dark Orange. I will have some flytrap seeds available next month. would you be willing to trade for those? I also have some D. Hercules x self-seeds.
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    hello from Palo Alto, California

    Hi! I've been a member of Flytrap forums for about a month now and when I heard about this I was stoked! I'm always open to trade so I can diversify my collection. currently, I grow tons of things, including sarrs, neps, vfts, dews, byblis, utrics, dewy pines, and a lot of succulents.
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    Looking For (To Buy) In search of scarlatine venus fly trap starter plant

    I'm pretty sure there is one on eBay right now
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    PAID (philiptdotcom $20)S. Flava rubricorpora

    how many growth points are on this plant?
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    For Trade Seeds available

    how many liniflora seeds are in the packet?
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    Looking For (trade) Looking to trade for any type of byblis (except for liniflora)

    Thanks! In the past, I've never been able to sprout seeds, that's why I'm looking for a plant. That way I'll have tons of seeds to work with
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    Looking For (To Buy) Byblis

    Does anyone have any byblis except for liniflora they are willing to sell? I've been searching for some time but I can never seem to find any. preferably Byblis Aquatica but any species works too. Thanks!