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  1. BaseDrifter

    BaseDrifter's Photo Dump/Update Thread

    Thanks, this is my first time seeing them in action since I received them last fall. I'm amazed at how wide the mouths of the traps are as well as the coloration. I had never heard of a Carolina Giant either, this is what their website says "This clone is very vigorous, although not quite so...
  2. BaseDrifter

    BaseDrifter's Photo Dump/Update Thread

    Pitchers are opening up, flowers abound, and growth is plentiful. Good times are ahead. Two S. x moorei from the Wilkerson's bog courtesy of Jay Lechtman. S. x moorei 08 and 06A. S. leucophylla "burgundy" x minor var. okefenokeensis (pink clone) (Mike Wang). S. minor var. minor. S...
  3. BaseDrifter

    Discuss: Nomenclature edits on forum posts

    I have mixed feelings on this subject. I think that accuracy in naming is important and respect the desire for the names to be written as correctly as possible. However, I do think there are a couple of issues with the current way it has been going. As others have mentioned sometimes what one...
  4. BaseDrifter

    Pictures of your Drosera eating things

    Ohh, nice thread. I've got a couple contributions.
  5. BaseDrifter

    BaseDrifter's Photo Dump/Update Thread

    Well, it's mid February and every plant is breaking out of dormancy now. Pretty much to be expected with our 60-70 degree weather and the fact that the plants are getting a few more hours of direct sunlight in their new location. I was going to wait to post an update until tomorrow, but oh well...
  6. BaseDrifter

    Sarracenia giveaway for shipping cost. Round 1

    Wow, thanks for the great offer DJ57. I'd love to add one to my collection. PM sent. 1) BaseDrifter 2) 3) 4)
  7. BaseDrifter

    BaseDrifter's Photo Dump/Update Thread

    Yup, works now.
  8. BaseDrifter

    BaseDrifter's Photo Dump/Update Thread

    That link takes me to a "no thread specified" error.
  9. BaseDrifter

    BaseDrifter's Photo Dump/Update Thread

    Yeah sure, I'll update this thread with whatever I end up doing. The pots are very nice, but they are on the expensive side. I try not to think about how much it cost to switch everything over to them. Plastic pots will be vastly cheaper, but they're just that, plastic pots. Since they are also...
  10. BaseDrifter

    Discussions of Sarracenia Taxonomy/Nomenclature

    I'll see if I can get clarification on the seeds, though I have a feeling they are just an open pollinated Sarracenia purpurea var. montana. Speaking of seeds, stratification for my Sarracenia seeds is over now, gotta pull em out of the fridge and get them under lights. That's a sentiment I...
  11. BaseDrifter

    Discussions of Sarracenia Taxonomy/Nomenclature

    The seeds were given to me and labeled as S. purpurea subsp. venosa var. montana x OP (open pollinated.) The note that was included read as follows. What would be the proper way to classify them? Edit: Since you seem to be more well versed in the naming conventions than I am, what is the...
  12. BaseDrifter

    BaseDrifter's Photo Dump/Update Thread

    Thanks Sashoke! All of the non-ceramic pots are Eco-form rice hull pots. I get them from my local nursery, but you can buy them direct from the manufacturer online. http://ecoforms-store.com
  13. BaseDrifter

    BaseDrifter's Photo Dump/Update Thread

    I'm awaiting the arrival of two more plants (S. 'Judith Hindle' and U. sandersonii) before I can call my dormancy time activities done. In the meantime here's a quick update. I picked up some new plants in the last couple weeks. - S. x excellens - (S. leucophylla "burgundy" x S. minor var...
  14. BaseDrifter

    Tuberous Drosera

    Wow, those D. basifolia and D. menziesii are amazing!
  15. BaseDrifter

    Giving away a division of my S. x readii - can you guess my favorite Czech beer?

    Looks like it got there safe and sound. Give me an update on how it's doing this summer. :)