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    SASE: D. luscitanium seeds

    Offer closed :)
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    SASE: D. luscitanium seeds

    I've had these seeds for about 7-9 months in the fridge, so I have no guarantees if they are viable or not. I would prefer the person to actually have the means to grow these plants. I guess the only condition is to have more than two hundred posts. I will send my address to the first person who...
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    Unknow dionaea seeds growing challenge.

    You should include the age in every post. Looking good indeed!
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    First T

    It molted last night, male all the way xD. Oh well, I'm trading it for a 4 inch A. metallica female, so its all worth it
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    First T

    Mass, you're wrong! For some reason I just recently started looking up how to ventrally sex Pokies specifically instead of just Ts in generally, and that's a female! Whoop whoop! EDIT: I'm second guessing myself, but its in premolt so I should be able to give a definite answer in a week or so xD
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    What are these seeds?

    looks like a fruit. Try and cut the pit out, add some soil, water, and light.
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    Happy Birthday Tony Paroubek

    Happy birthday! Have a good one!
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    A Sundew For Me?

    Drosera capensis 100%
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    Heli's picture thread

    Nice little update.
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    Brand New Hybrid Nepenthes Seed Giveaway!

    Haha I knew it would be Johnny. Happy growing friends!
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    Let's dedicate a thread to the smaller, less flamboyant neps

    Definitely small, but definitely flamboyant xD
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    Nepenthes on Concrete Pavers

    Burbidgeae? Ephippiata?
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    Nepenthes on Concrete Pavers

    Jacq or talangensis?
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    Plants that Move on Their Own

    I have some D. gyrans about a month old now, its fun to watch them move.