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    (PAID) (Wcaphoto $44) Massive Multigrowth Established Doreens Colossus Division

    Here's a photo of my mother clumps in 24" round pots. When grown well, this clone can put on some exceptional size both up and across!
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    (PAID) (Shannonebol $200) Killer Miramar Beach Select clone - Double Growth! The one everyone always wants a division of!

    Snapped this photo of the mother plant this weekend - that throat color is going crazy this year!
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    (PAID) (Shannonebol $65) Killer Red Tube Flava - So killer Phil Faulisi wanted me to send him a piece! And I did!

    I have a lot of flava. Just, I mean, it's a lot. And over the years I've added tons of plants from folks all over the US. This particular clone lost it's origin somewhere along the way, but nonetheless, it is a standout clone. Back in 2018, the great Phil Faulisi graced his presence at my...
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    (PAID) (ccleonardjr $42) How about another killer lost tag flava selection from my breeding efforts

    If you've seen the other auctions, you know i'm listing a small number of lost tag flavas from my breeding efforts. I go through great pains selecting just a tiny amount of plants from each cross, and then I go and lose the tag on it! Well, my loss is your gain. I'm not even going to speculate...
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    (PAID)(Sarr $37) Another killer lost tag red tube selection from my breeding program!

    If DJ Kahled were running this auction, he'd be yelling at me that I played myself. And boy did I! This is an absolutely killer red tube from my breeding efforts. But I lost the tag, so I will never know. It makes me so sad to not know the parents of this out of sight shapely clone, but hey...
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    (PAID) (Shannonebol $200) Killer Miramar Beach Select clone - Double Growth! The one everyone always wants a division of!

    Up for auction is an absolute unit of an ornata. Mike Wang has called it one of the best ornatas out there, and I would have to agree. I have hundreds of ornata, but you can't walk past this one without doing a double take, that's for sure. I got this clone from Phil Faulisi a number of years...
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    (PAID) (Nepenthes0260 $40) Mike King F105 - Apalachicola - Multigrowth Division!

    F105 var. rubricorpora, Apalachicola National Forest, FL. WS,(AH). Large pitchers. (WS = Wild Seed, AH = Alan Hindle) Up for grabs is a multigrowth division of a Mike King clone - MK F105 from Apalachicola The fact that I have divisions of this clone available means it's one of the faster...
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    (PAID) (Thanos $60) Killer Red Tube Seedling - Unbelievable outcross for next level rubricorpora

    OK, up for auction today is an absolutely killer rubricorpora outcross. Mike King's F149 from Wewahitchka is pretty much one of the darkest rubricorpra out there. Phil Faulisi's Franklin County Breeder rubricorpora isn't too far off from it. Now, what if you crossed those two together? Well...
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    (PAID) (henrymoore $25) Killer lost tag red tube flava - seed grown selection!

    I generally only select a couple of seedlings from each flava cross I plant out. I just grow too many crosses and make the hard choices early on which seedlings to keep. But in moving hundreds of selections from my crosses to a new bench in my big greenhouse, I found a few plants that...
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    (PAID) (Wcaphoto $165) Absolutely massive, established multigrowth division of a Berkeley County SC Flava Maxima

    Up for auction today is a massive division of a Berkeley County South Carolina Flava Maxima. This maxima stays maxima even under the punishing lighting conditions in m greenhouses. This clone has extra large swizzle sticks on the lid too, but I don't recommend using them to stir your coffee...
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    (PAID) (Mark_T58 $157) Killer Karen Oudean Flava Maxima clone

    Up for auction is an extra large, established single growth division of a killer Flava Maxima clone that I got many many years ago directly from Karen Oudean. Before I had greenhouses, this clone never got any veins in it's throat, but under extreme greenhouse conditions, it can get veins later...
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    (PAID) (Carnivohler $30) Lost Tag Killer Multigrowth Flava Butter Topped Cuprea Selection

    I make way too many flava seeds each year, and plant way more than I should. But from a pot of hundreds of seedlings, I might select just a couple to keep from the cross. The rest, well, compost i'm afraid. I'm usually very diligent in tagging all of my crosses, and out of hundreds of...
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    (PAID) (Wcaphoto $44) Massive Multigrowth Established Doreens Colossus Division

    Up for grabs today is a very large and very established division of Doreens Colossus. I divided just one of my smaller pots a few years back and am down to just a few left from there. The division in question is completely filling a 3.5" square pot with rhizome and is pushing up multiple...
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    Shipping will be $8 sent to stevegalic@hotmail.com Send me your address and I plan on shipping...

    Shipping will be $8 sent to stevegalic@hotmail.com Send me your address and I plan on shipping out all the NASC auctions on this coming saturday