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    **PAID**(jallgair $6) Haworthia truncata cv 'Papillion'

    $6 Invalid bid amount Withdrawn DCA
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    Give Away Sauromatum venosum

    1. PlantsnFish- My Grandma loves jack-in-the-pulpits, and would love this for her garden! 2. Raistlarn 3. silent hill 4. Pearldiver Thanks! 5. Plant Heathen- cool plant 6. afrodisa - thanks for the opportunity
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    *PAID*(carolatcj $12) Fire-Star Orchid (Epidendrum radicans)

    As I remember as tall as you let them. Several feet at least - the inflorescence can be 10" to 38" IOSPE PHOTOS DaveA
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    VFT seed give away

    Seeds arrived yesterday - THANKS!
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    Buying in vitro material?

    The cz sellers usually send 2 or 3 plants in a fresh culture with only agar to hold them in place during shipment and recommend planting out or reflasking onto suitable media shortly after receipt.