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    What’s going on with my Big Rob Leaf🍃

    Can someone tell me what’s going on with my robcantliy leaf? Blotching red dots on one side and an actual split in the leaf on the other side...
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    Give Away VFT Seeds

    We have germination 😁 The seeds I received only took 2.5 weeks too germinate! Thanks again!
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    Give Away VFT Seeds

    #2 2-Aaronb911 thanks for the kind offer!
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    Looking For (To Buy) Stripe Veitchii , Robcantleyi plant or seeds!

    looking for a Stripe Veitchii , or Robcantleyi plant or seeds! let me know if you have any or could point me in the right direction on how too acquire any. Thank you!
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    Hello From Wisconsin!

    Hello You know I think I’m ok with starting fresh,�� new house, new plants, new passion drive! Thank you for offering the help! I do have a young pure truncata and also a common Alata. Hoping to win a maxima x veitchii today! I’m very very interested in the pure robcantleyi and...
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    Hello From Wisconsin!

    Just would like too say, I love Nepenthes, been an avid grower for 5-6 years, took a break from this forum only too forget everything, so I am a returning member if you will, i now own my new house so my passion can be restored and my plants will never have to worry about rehousing again. My...